Friday, April 10, 2009

This one's for you - Bhavya...

Now, I must admit that this dedicating-a-post-on-a-special-occasion kind of post is a very Bhavya thing to do and so, one for her on her last day in the Adobe 4th floor arena is a must.

Beginning from the very beginning, she was one of the few people I was introduced to when I joined and ever since we've been real good friends. She has an amazing regularity/punctuality when it comes to going to the gym. Gawdd..she is one bag of inspiration when it comes to loosing weight..I have seen her going down 4 sizes atleast in the last 2 years.. and top of that, her lunch plate every single day comprises only veggies and dals... (on some occassional days you'd manage to see a piece of dessert in it.. but those are seriously very rare..).
Not to forget, she is one helluva bold person - mess with her and you've had it.. Her poking techniques (am sure Abhinav shall miss those) are truly unique and to add to it, say anything to her, she blushes. She can literally turn a shade of pink in less than 2 seconds. And now it seems as though this post is turning into a testimonial, but who cares!!
Oh, and there was this one time when she came to my cubicle very sleepily.. (this was on a day when we all were staying back in office and that too not for work-related reasons and I presume Bhavya was in a bad mood or was really tired or for some different reason altogether ) and sat on a vacant chair and hugged the teddy bear that was kept in my cube and slept off for some time. I shall always remember that scene.. :)
Another very interesting feature of this babe is her awesome bowling style. For details and visual appreciation, I have attached the video below. This is not exactly her style but very close to it...

She is one person, who would not get offended when someone jokes around with her. On occasions when she is called "Dabbo" or "Hidumba" or what not by the one and only Akash, she would yet again blush and her cheeks would get to the color of the ball that she is holding in the video above. And well yes, she writes really well - her blog says it all.
Oh well, once upon a time, she sang the so-called 'bhajan' - Bol na halke halke.. frm Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.. and Ashish and Hemant started clapping in the typical bhajan manner... a sight to remember..
And now that she is all set to walk into a new phase, the excitement in her is awesomely evident. The amazingly girly talks that we've been having for the past few months ever since her marriage has been fixed, the talks about clothes, jwellery et al shall form fond memories.

Anyways, at the end of it all, all that I would like to say to her is that everyday as I walk to my cubicle and dont see you wandering in the lobby with the phone in your hand, I or rather we all shall miss you a lot...
with loadsss of love and luck..
hope you enjoy the new phase of your life to the fullest...

PS. I guess this would be one of the longest posts in my blog!!! Bhavya, all thanks to you..

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Bhavya said...

thanks sooooo much babes. I guess I'll be online a little less frequently now that I don't have my laptop, but I'll definitely keep my blog updated for all of you to stay tuned with whatever is happening in my life.

by the way, the teddy bear incident happened when we had to go to Rishikesh n my ankle was fractured but I refused to admit it.